‘The A-Team 2’ Ain’t Happening

Financially speaking, the first movie kinda took it in the 'A.'

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

'The A-Team 2' Ain't Happening

Did you like The A-Team? Well, okay, let’s rephrase: Did you like the movie The A-Team? If you answered ‘Yes,’ apparently you didn’t like it enough, and if you said ‘No,’ then we’ve got ‘good’ news for you: the sequel to Joe Carnahan’s action blockbuster just ain’t happening, according to the film’s star Bradley Cooper. Empire Magazine is reporting that Cooper has nixed any news of a follow-up in a recent interview. When asked, "Any news on The A-Team 2? Will there be one? I thought it was great and so did my friends," Cooper responded, "I loved it too. But unfortunately, outside of you, a few of your friends and myself, there just wasn’t enough revenue to supply a second installment of that franchise."

For the record The A-Team raked in a little more than $173 million internationally, an amount which would be pretty damned sequel-worthy for many movie releases but for a blockbuster like The A-Team? Chump change. Narc director Joe Carnahan’s movie adaptation of the hit 1980’s TV series cost a reported $110 million to make, but the operative word there is reported: for the sake of appearances studios rarely include marketing costs in their budget announcements, and given the size of the production and its status as a mid-summer blockbuster that means it’s possible that The A-Team barely broke even, if it’s even in the black at all.

And that’s a damned shame, since The A-Team was one of the better big, stupid blockbusters of the last few years. Oh sure, it was ridiculous, but at least that was the point, and at least the characters in the film were aware of the ludicrous natures of their own lives and reacted accordingly. Cooper, Liam Neeson, Sharlto Copley and the rest of the cast sure seemed to be having fun, and most of the people who actually saw the movie seemed to be with them for the ride.

So if you have a problem, look elsewhere, because you can’t find them. Pity.

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