ARCHER 2.07 ‘Movie Star’

An actress shadows Lana and a Russian sleeper ruins Archer's practical joke.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

ARCHER 2.07 'Movie Star'

Episode Title: "Movie Star"

Writer: Adam Reed

An actress named Rona Thorne (Rachel Harris) causes havoc at ISIS this week because she wants to follow Lana Kane (Aisha Tyler) as research for a part. And Lana only agrees to do it to keep Sterling Archer (H. Jon Benjamin) away from the young woman. Meanwhile, Mallory Archer (Jessica Walter) reveals her own reasons for wanting Rona around and ropes Cyril (Chris Parnell) into ghost-writing a screenplay tailored for her.

To be frank, this was one of the weaker episodes of "Archer" this season. There’s still some funny jokes throughout, but the midseason hot streak ended here abruptly. The early part of Archer’s flirtation with Rona is cute, but Rona’s constant use of "A-MAZ-ING" got old pretty fast. The so-called feminist build up for Lana wasn’t that interesting and she actually did one of the worst things she’s ever done to Sterling when she fired a gun by his ear and temporarily deafened him. Under ordinary circumstances, that should have been hilarious. But it just didn’t play.

For sheer insanity, the Cyril and Mallory subplot had some of the more hilarious moments which said a lot about Malory. Namely that she’s a horrible racist and that she longs to get it on with a large black man. I think Cyril said it best with "That’s what people want to see. Not ‘Granny gets Jungle Fever.’" I have to admit to looking up "Mandingo" and it was an apt choice of movies to spoof. But the best part was that the soulless Hollywood producer derided their script and then instantly bought it to use as a "Mandingo" sequel.

Then Cyril and Mallory had wild role play sex on the horrible ISIS carpet. And at this point, Mallory’s now slept with two of her employees this season (including Pam in the premiere).

The third storyline followed Ray, Carol and Pam as they stole Rona’s journal and then broke into her penthouse to return it. It was definitely the weakest link of the bunch, but Carol’s continually deteriorating mental state is still fun to watch.

Archer’s practical joke on Lana with the Krieger bots made up for a lot of the earlier scenes. And the reveal that Rona was a Russian sleeper all along was a great way to cap off the episode. She actually drugs Archer and Lana, leaving his head in her lap while she takes out a Russian diplomat… all in the name of directing in Russian cinema!

Sadly, this wasn’t the comedic gold I’ve come to expect from the series. But it was still the funniest sitcom in the sea of TV. I can settle for that… at least for the moment.

Here are your top five "Archer" moments of the week:


Archer: "You’re doing this just to spite me."

Lana: "And?"


Ray: "Give me that! Little miss Invasion of the Privacy Snatchers."

Producer: "We’re calling it ‘Mandingo 2: The Enslavening.’"


Cyril: "For starters, I don’t think you want to say this guy is ‘as coal black and thick muscled as a field hand.’"

Mallory: "I don’t need you for content, just for plot structure!"

Cyril: "Racist overtones aside, it really kind of limits your casting options. I mean, only two, three guys could play that."


Fat Analyst: "Do you have any idea how much I’ve got on my plate? You know?"

Archer: "What? I could have crushed that."


Crave Online Rating: 7 out of 10.