Lionsgate Signs Deal With Janet Jackson For Some Reason

Popular singer gets to develop and produce a movie of her choice at some point because... Um... Hang on...

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

Lionsgate Signs Deal With Janet Jackson For Some Reason

Straight out of the "What The…?!" department comes the news that Janet Jackson has signed a film production deal with Lionsgate Entertainment, allowing the musician to ‘select, develop and produce’ a single feature film of her choice. What gives, here? Hollywood Reporter broke the perplexing development.

Not that there’s anything wrong with Janet Jackson: she’s a talented musician and has been acting on-and-off since the 1977 television series Good Times. But her acting career hasn’t all been good times. Despite some recent appearances in films like Why Did I Get Married? and Why Did I Get Married Too? by Tyler Perry, aka Lionsgate’s instant cash machine, she’s never made much of an impact on the box office. And it’s not like those Tyler Perry movies saw a marked increase in attendance because of her participation, despite her immense popularity as a pop star (in fact she’s in the middle of a world tour right now).

But a movie deal now she has. We’re so flummoxed by the development that we can’t even be bothered to fix the syntax in the preceding sentence fragment. Granted it’s always a pleasing change of place to find women in positions of power in the film industry, but aren’t there women more connected in the industry who have arguably paid for more than Janet Jackson in dues for this kind of deal? Jackson doesn’t even seem have a particular project in mind… a dream she’s always wanted realized. Hollywood Reporter only states that she’s ‘drawn to diverse material,’ and that she ‘is particularly captivated by film noir.’

Also, one film? That doesn’t sound like Lionsgate has all that much confidence in her producing capabilities. Maybe this is some kind of early birthday gift from Tyler Perry.

Again, we have no problem with Janet Jackson as a human being or an entertainer. This just comes completely out of left field and doesn’t make a whole lot of sense from an industry perspective.

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