‘Twilight’ Director David Slade Making ‘Daredevil 2?’

Slade will reportedly adapted Frank Miller's acclaimed 'Born Again' storyline, which is admittedly pretty awesome.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

'Twilight' Director David Slade Making 'Daredevil 2?'

Bucking recent trends, Fox is making a sequel – not a reboot – to their 2003 adaptation of the Mavel comic book Daredevil. Going the Hulk/Incredible Hulk route, the sequel will apparently feature a new cast (Ben Affleck is not attached) and probably use the original film, which didn’t exactly screw up the origin story or anything, as the background for a new tale. David Slade, director of Hard Candy, 30 Days of Night and The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, is in talks to both develop the script and helm the new movie. Thanks to Geekscape for calling our attention to the story, and of course to Hollywood Reporter for breaking the news.

Mark Steven Johnson’s original film, considered rather bad at the time but in retrospect quite good when compared to other comic book adaptations like its own spin-off Elektra and Johnson’s adaptation of Ghost Rider in 2007, grossed a respectable $180 million worldwide. Of course that wasn’t enough to get Fox interested in a sequel for eight whole years, when the bad taste has apparently finally vanished from audiences’ mouths. Daredevil himself, a blind lawyer who takes the law into his own hands when the system fails, is a great character who deserves a better film. Or better yet a TV series, a medium to which the concept is tailor-made, not that anyone’s actually talking about doing that…

The sequel will reportedly adapt the famous Born Again storyline, in which the hero’s arch-nemesis The Kingpin (Michael Clarke Duncan in the original film) develops a Machiavellian plan to destroy the hero after learning his secret identity. One of the best stories Miller has ever written – and still regarded as one of the best stories in the character’s history – it’s also the only reasonable place for the series to go after Daredevil foolishly revealed his secret identity to his greatest enemy in the previous film. His rationale was that the Kingpin would never reveal to anyone that he was defeated by a blind man, which is about as ‘rational’ as putting the Unabomber in charge of a bomb factory because ‘He’ll know what not to do.’ Daredevil deserves what he gets, as far as we’re concerned.

David Slade is a very talented director and we look forward to what he does with the Daredevil franchise should the deal pan out. Even so, Daredevil: Born Again is still only in the development stages and Slade still has to direct The Last Voyage of the Demeter – a period horror film about Dracula’s mysterious voyage to England from the original story, which resulted in his ship arriving at its destination without a (living) soul on board – before he can pick up the reins on the high profile project.

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