Waid and Rucka Rumored To Take Over Daredevil and Punisher

Ahead of C2E2, rumors abound... including a possible Captain America relaunch!

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Waid and Rucka Rumored To Take Over Daredevil and Punisher

Last month, Marvel announced its "Big Shots!" promotion with planned relaunches for Daredevil and The Punisher to coincide with Brian Michael Bendis (The Avengers) and Alex Maleev’s (Daredevil) upcoming run on Moon Knight.

Although Marvel has been promising to make the creative team announcements this weekend at Chicago’s C2E2, the news may already be out there.

Noted comic book rumor site Bleeding Cool is reporting that Mark Waid and Paolo Rivera are the new creative team for Daredevil, which will begin anew in July. Waid is one of the most respected writers in the industry, with runs on The Flash, The Fantastic Four and Amazing Spider-Man among several others. On the surface, he’s a surprise pick for Daredevil. But his selection would continue the run of A-list writers who have tackled the Man Without Fear.

Bleeding Cool also stated that Greg Rucca and Italian artist  Marco Checchetto will be handling the new Punisher series in June. Rucca left DC and the proposed Batwoman title last year rather suddenly. If Rucca is indeed on board, it will be his first superhero work since then.

And finally, Bleeding Cool is also reporting that a new Captain America series will kick off with continuing writer Ed Brubaker and a cover by industry legend, Travis Charest. No artist for the title itself was revealed, but the relaunch will presumably be timed to coincide with the upcoming Captain America movie.

Crave Online will be on hand at this weekend’s C2E2 to confirm this news and bring you the latest reports from the show floor!


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