Oldtube/Newtube MUSICAL SKETCH Edition

More youtubers some with millions of views, others are on the way!

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

Oldtube/Newtube MUSICAL SKETCH Edition

When it comes to musical comedy on the internet it seems like Parody is king, Especially when it comes to doing covers of the queens : Britney, Kei$ha and Lady Gaga. When anyone of the blonde diva’s releases a track 100’s of parody videos seem to follow.


Finding originally composed comedic songs however seems to be a real talent with very few competitors in the field. The kings of this would probably have to go to…


Old Tube : Rhett and Link


This Due has been kicking it old school on the tubes since Jun of 2006, that’s like 60 years in internet time. Yet they maintain and rank in the top 20 most subscribed comedians on youtube. When they drop a video, millions of people watch it. Their songs are highly addictive, and catchy, with a child like sense epicness.



Their most watched video to this day, is still one they made four years ago, which accounts for nearly one tenth of all their views having been seen over 8.5 million times. Assumably by 52 children stuck in a sweat shop where their forced day and night to watch videos… you bastards!




New Tube: NinjaSexParty


I know what you’re thinking “Seriously more ninjas on the internet? Who cares” and frankly my response would be “Seriously, more whining about things still on the internet? Why don’t you poke your eyes out, jam cotton balls down your ear holes, and run down Brooklyn yelling obscenities.” Cause shut up. Mk.


Edit : I’ve been informed from my senior editors to apologize and suggest to everyone the above statement was made in sarcastic gest, and you should NOT do any of the things I’ve said. Unlike those 6 dumb bastards who we’re pummeled within an inch of their blind, deaf lives. My bad. Mk, we all square? Srsly.


Oh yea speaking of Brooklyn NinjaSexParty is a two man sketch comedy band of awesomeness from New York, somewhere.  They have a wildly irreverent sense of humor and impeccable delivery, while doing it all to a (often times annoyingly) catchy tune. 


Their Most recent Video brought in under 10,000 views in the 2 weeks it’s been up, which is straight out and out rage.



Bonus video – ‘The Decision’ was my first introduction to NSP and I’ve probably watched 30 times since it’s inception in to my brain… wait a second… son of a bitch they’ve been in my sleep brain, you bastards!


Well screw that, I’m not going to fall for their trickery anymore, that’s the last time NinjaSexParty will use me as a vessel to spread their word… so instead just watch this video.



DOH! Bastards!


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Channel Views:


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BONUS VIDEO: While not a music video, I myself have a facebook related video. And here it is.




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