Top 5 Tuesday: NFL Players That Are Getting SCREWED By The Lockout!

These guys are really wanting to see an agreement get done.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

Top 5 Tuesday: NFL Players That Are Getting SCREWED By The Lockout!

Carson Palmer, Cincinnati Bengals

Here’s the skinny on Palmer; he’s through playing for the Cincinnati Bengals, no matter what. He has very publicly stated that he will never take another snap in a Bengals uniform and he is so adamant about this that he has said that he will retire before next season if he isn’t traded. The best chance of him being traded is before the NFL draft or on draft day. The problem, however, is that with the lockout currently in place, he won’t be able to be traded, thus leaving him with the best case scenario of being cut by the Bengals before the season and retirement the worst.

Kevin Kolb, Philadelphia Eagles

Kolb is in a similar boat as Palmer in that he has stated that he is dissatisfied with his current team. It’s obvious that the Eagles are going to go with Michael Vick as their starter, leaving the young, talented Kolb on the outside looking in when it comes to being the lead signal caller in Philly. With this years college QB’s not showing any slam dunks, a QB like Kolb would be a very attractive commodity on draft day for one of the many teams looking for a new quarterback…that is, if the Eagles were able to wheel and deal, which they aren’t because of the current lockout.

Vince Young, Tennessee Titans

Quarterbacks seem to be the theme today as my next target for players getting the screw job from this lockout is Vince Young. Young, currently under contract for the Titans, is not going to be in Tennessee when/if the 2011-2012 season starts. Titans owner Bud Adams is done with the antics of the talented yet troubled signal caller and has decided to part ways with him. Like with the first two quarterbacks on this list, the options for Young have been severely hampered by the lockout, leaving him probably being cut before the start of the season.

Tim Tebow, Denver Broncos

Here’s a first today, a quarterback NOT looking for a new team! Tebow makes this list because, with the lockout, he will not be able to work out at the Broncos facilities and not have the benefit of their coaching staff. Considering that he is still in the transition phase from college to the pros and also taking into account the current questions concerning his ability to be an NFL-caliber quarterback, this could be considerably hamper his growth at the position. Tebow needed the offseason to work out his deficiencies and may regress because of the lack of structure.

The Free Agents

I’m lumping all the remaining free agents into one entity here because they are all in the same boat, they are players looking for a job without the benefit of actually being able to be hired. A lockout means no business being done and no business being done means that free agents will remain free agents till possibly the beginning of the season. Another downside of this is that many of these guys that would receive a good look from teams may find their suitors dwindling by the time free agency is open again because teams that would normally fill the holes in their teams with FA will look to the surety of the draft to fill those holes first.  This may also lead to less cash for the FA since the need for them will be less.


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