Cleveland Cavaliers Offer Homeless Man Job

A homeless ex-radio announcer, who became an internet sensation has been offered a job by the Cavaliers.

Ed Millerby Ed Miller

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Every fan has the dream of working for a professional team and to get paid to be apart of something they love. Few get this opportunity but for Ted Williams, a homeless Ohio man with a golden radio voice, he will get the chance of a lifetime.


A chance to start over.


Williams became an overnight internet sensation thanks to a video posted on YouTube. In the clip, he stands near Interstate 71 in Columbus and demonstrates his smooth, deep speaking voice. He can often be found in the area, holding a sign that says, “I’m an ex-radio announcer who has fallen on hard times.”


It would appear, however that those hard times are about to come to an end as on Wednesday the Cleveland Cavaliers offered Williams a full-time position as a supplementary PA guy as well as for other events at Quicken Loans arena.


Williams was discovered by Doral Chenoweth III who posted the video on the Columbus Dispatch’s site before it found it’s way to YouTube where it has commanded millions of views. On the Dispatch’s video clip, Williams said he was 14 and on a field trip when he became fascinated by the world of radio after talking with an announcer.


“He said to me: ‘Radio is defined [as] theater of mind,’” Williams claimed on the video. “I can’t be an actor; I can’t be an on-air [television] personality. The voice became something of a development.”


He went on to tell the Dispatch that he has fallen on hard times stating that he had trouble with drugs and alcohol but is two years sober.


The Cavaliers also offered him a house so he will no longer be homeless. It is not yet known if Williams has accepted the team’s offer but we would be willing to bet it is a better chance then the Cavaliers winning the NBA Championship.