Quarterback Changes Coming this Off-season

With quality signal-callers available, where would they best fit?

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

Quarterback Changes Coming this Off-season

With the pending trade or release of Vince Young, I’m betting on release, his name is now added to a few quality guys that will more than likely be on another team come next season. This list will more than likely include the likes of Donovan McNabb (currently with the Redskins), Kyle Orton (currently with the Broncos) and Kevin Kolb (currently with the Eagles). The four of these guys all fall under the heading desirable for teams looking to improve their QB situation (and man, there are quite a few teams in this boat) but where would there best fit be?

That question is what we’re going to be tackling today as we pick the best landing spot for each of these QB’s.

Donovan McNabb:

Even though he signed an extension with the Washington Redskins, the writing is on the wall for this aged vet and it’s saying ‘bye bye’. I’m guessing, however, that though the Redskins are through with  him, other teams won’t hesitate to scoop up Donovan.

Likely Landing Spot: Minnesota or Arizona.

The Minnesota Vikings are currently geared towards a veteran signal-caller who can toss the rock and McNabb fits the bill. They could draft a first-rounder to sit and learn for a year or two while Donovan can get you to the playoffs. Arizona has also been kind to aging stars at the QB position and would be a good spot for the same reason as Minnesota.

Kyle Orton:

Orton isn’t the most flashy of quarterbacks but he has two things going for him; he’s a solid competitor who isn’t prone to huge mistakes and he’s a proven winner. He isn’t going to wow a fan base but he is good enough to get you to the playoffs.

Likely Landing Spot: Seattle

The Seahawks, despite being in the playoffs, are a mess at the quarterback position. Matt Hasselbeck is fading fast while Charlie Whitehurst is far from dependable. In a weak division like the NFC West, a guy like Orton could propel an average team like Seattle into multiple playoffs while the team slowly rebuilds.

Vince Young:

Young is a talented NFL quarterback with something to prove and would be a great fit for a number of teams. If he can get his head straight then he could easily be a top ten quarterback in this league and lead a team deep in the postseason. All it will take is the right situations and the following two teams could be it.

Likely Landing Spot: Minnesota, San Francisco

In order for Vince Young to be successful in the NFL, he has to have a dominant running game. He is the type of player that can guide a run first team into many, many wins if the talent is there. Both the Vikings and the 49ers have strong running games and receivers that are talented enough to help Young flourish. The 49ers get the nod over the Vikings, however, due to having a more dominant tight end in Vernon Davis, who would be vital to Young’s success.

Kevin Kolb:

You gotta feel for Kevin Kolb a bit. The guy was just patiently sitting there behind Donovan McNabb, biding his time till it was his chance, and when that chance came, it was taken by Michael Vick. Vick, by the way, has no intentions of giving it back anytime soon.

Likely Landing Spot: Buffalo, Miami

It’s going to take a lot to pry Kolb away from the Eagles but not as much as some may think. He is very attainable for either of these two teams and is young and talented enough that he is going to be worth it. Plus, these two teams are in the AFC, which I feel the Eagles would prefer so they wouldn’t have to face him to often.

Now all of this is just idle speculation for an upcoming season that may not even happen but it’s worth thinking about. How it ends up is anyone’s guess but this is mine and I’m sticking by it.