‘This American Life’ finds new home at CBC

Popular radio show is welcomed by Canucks.

Jennifer Coxby Jennifer Cox

'This American Life' finds new home at CBC

With intriguing stories of unique individuals told in a creative, journalistic way, “The American Life” public radio show, hosted by Ira Glass from WBEZ Chicago Public Radio, will be debuting on CBC Radio One this season. It’s one of the most downloaded podcasts on American radio, distributed to more than 500 stations in the United States by Public Radio International and available through satellite radio to reach an incredible 1.7 million listeners; it’s also the first time the program will air in Canada (if Canadians haven’t already been catching it via podcast).


"It’s one of the most acclaimed and innovative radio shows in America. At its core, what the show does is take personal stories and make them universal," said Chris Boyce, programming director for English radio at CBC, in an article on their website.


Glass was named the best radio show host in the U.S. by Time magazine. They even produced a television version of “This American Life” on the Showtime network, which won three Emmy Awards.


In addition to “The American Life, Radio One’s newly-revamped schedule also includes a new season of “Age of Persuasion” with ad man Terry O’Reilly, a rebroadcast of “The Bottom Line” with David Suzuki, a rebroadcast of political radio drama “Backbencher,” and the return of “The House,” “Day 6,” “White Coat Black Art” and “Quirks & Quarks” on the weekends as well as “The Current,” “Q,” “As It Happens” and “Ideas” on weekdays.


CBC Radio One plans to air “The American Life” on Sundays at 11pm across the country starting January 9th.