Win $1 Million Playing MLB 2K11

The $1 million 2K Sports Challenge returns for its second year. Do you have what it takes to be a millionaire?

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris

Win $1 Million Playing MLB 2K11

It’s back! The $1 million dollar challenge that started last year in Major League Baseball 2K10 returns for the 2K11 iteration of the franchise.

If you are unfamiliar with the contest, let us break it down for you: pitch a perfect game in MLB 2K11 (MLB 2K11 Trailer) — while adhering to the strict guidelines set by 2K Sports — and win $1 million. Last year’s winner was a 23-year-old Alabama gamer named Wade McGilberry, who picked up 2K’s thrown down gauntlet and chucked back into their face on the first day of the contest. The kid became a millionaire in a day by playing a video game, not too bad.

For 2K11’s $1 million challenge the rules have been slightly adjusted. The major change to the contest, which isn’t a bad thing, is the start date is no longer on launch day for the title. MLB 2K11 comes out March 8, but the challenge doesn’t begin till April 1, giving players plenty of time to dust off the cobwebs in their gloves and break in those cleats.

"We wanted to give the competition a more true-to-life experience," says Chris Snyder, 2K Sports’ director of marketing. "This year, we wanted the competition to coincide more with Opening Day, so now fans who buy the game on launch day will have almost a full month to practice before they go for the million dollars.

So get ready for MLB 2K11’s launch on March 8. You could be the next perfect game pitcher and $1 million winner!

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