Nintendo 3DS Will Arrive Region Locked

If you know what that means, you're probably pissed off.

Joey Davidsonby Joey Davidson

Nintendo 3DS Will Arrive Region Locked

I’m a massive nerd with a past affinity for anime and the country of Japan. In fact, I’ve lived in Japan for a rough total of three months, eating their delicious food and staring at girls wearing full clothing and holding umbrellas in the summer. I’ve been crammed into over-crowded trains, been nearly deafened by a pachinko parlor and been kicked out of an udon shop for being white. Good times.

From my journeys, as a gamer, I acquired a stack of DS games from the land of the rising sun. Shit I’ve only played once, and glorious titles I still pop on from time to time (I’m staring squarely at you, Jump Ultimate Stars and Ouendan!).

Guess what. Those days are soon to be over (until the homebrew market comes to the rescue, anyways). The NeoGAF army pointed towards a post from a Korean gaming site that contained an email from Nintendo’s Japanese support team. That email spoiled any plans for gamers to game with content from other regions of the world.

To catch those that don’t know up to the skinny, being region locked means that the unit will only play titles from one specific region. Japanese 3DSs will only play Japanese games, American 3DSs will only play American games… get the picture?

There’s a market that exists out there that loves importing DS games. Head to to see for yourselves. These folks import stuff constantly. Now that’s done with.

The reason? Nintendo hasn’t stated anything specific, but you can bet the farm that this one can be chalked up to piracy. So it goes.