Mass Effect 2 Releasing on PSN Jan. 18

The downloadable version of BioWare's sci-fi epic will release alongside the retail edition.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris

Mass Effect 2 Releasing on PSN Jan. 18

This is a rare occurrence. Mass Effect 2 will launch for the PlayStation 3 in both a boxed retail version and on the PlayStation Network on the same date, January 18, 2011. Usually you’ll see the downloadable version of a game release months after the initial retail release. Here, not so much the case. For comparison sake, Mass Effect 2 launched on the Xbox 360 last January and still isn’t available through Microsoft’s Games On Demand service. 

No pricing has been announced for the downloadable version of Mass Effect 2 on the PSN, which like the retail release will include the regular game and the three mission expansions. Odds are it will run for roughly the same cost as the $60 retail package. You’re just giving up physical media for the convenience factor.

To celebrate Mass Effect 2’s impending launch, here’s the PS3 version’s launch trailer.

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