First Screenshots of X-Men Destiny

A YouTube video surfaces giving us a first look at the Silicon Knights' merry mutant title.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris

First Screenshots of X-Men Destiny

Up to this point we’ve seen/heard very little about Silicon Knight’s X-Men Destiny title. The game was announced on the eve of 2010’s New York Comic Con and would allow players to create and evolve their own mutant in a story penned by comic scribe Mike Carey. However, New York Comic Con failed to reveal any details on X-Men Destiny. All that was found on the showfloor for the title was a photo booth. I’m not joking about that.

It wasn’t until early this year that we got our first tease at X-Men Destiny. But outside some silhouette shots of our favorite mutants, the teaser showed us nothing of how the actual game looks. But thanks to CVG, we finally have our first peek at some of character designs and graphical stylings of X-Men Destiny. Enjoy the montage teaser with cheesy music below.

*UPDATE – Activision has rained down the copyright claim hammer, removing the original YouTube montage video from the internet. Or so they thought. A site by the name of Gamekyo was quick enough to snag snapshots of the X-Men Destiny screens that littered the original trailer, posting them on their website for all eternity. You can follow this link and see them for yourself if you missed the original video.

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