Cartoon Network Launches ‘Hall of Game’ Awards

Tony Hawk will host the network's first ever sports award show.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Cartoon Network Launches 'Hall of Game' Awards

Cartoon Network may seem like a surprising place to air a sports award show, but that’s exactly what the network is planning to do next month.

Earlier today, Cartoon Network announced the 1st annual Hall of Game Awards, which will honor athletes from across the world of sports. Additionally, skateboarding legend Tony Hawk will host the inaugural event.

“Tony is a world class athlete revered by sports fans of all ages,” said Cartoon Network’s Chief Content Officer, Rob Sorcher. “He brings a sense of fun, daring and adventure that will thrill kids and families with a night full of fun and the unexpected.”
"I am excited to host this fun and unique awards show,” added Hawk. “Like the sports we are honoring, there will be nonstop excitement and all kinds of surprises.  Plenty of mayhem and laughs, too. Get your votes in and be part of it!"

Currently, fans are encouraged to visit and vote in seven categories: “Most Awesome Mascot,” “He’s Got Game,” which is awarded to the best male athlete; “She Got Game,” which goes to best female athlete; “That’s How I Roll,” for the most stylish athlete; “Alti-dude,” the award for athletes that perform the most impressive aerial moves; “Dance Machine,” for the best celebratory dance; and “My Bad,” which is the award for the best sports blooper of the year. 

Cartoon Network also indicated that more categories and nominees will be added the website soon.

Additionally, the show will reportedly feature "never-before-seen stunts and surprises on stage" with numerous guests from television, film, music and sports to be announced.

The Hall of Game Awards will debut on Cartoon Network on Friday, February 25.