Oliver Stone on Wall Street and Blu-ray

The iconic director talks Blu-ray and the future of film.

John Scott Lewinskiby John Scott Lewinski

Oliver Stone on Wall Street and Blu-ray

Oliver Stone doesn’t need to shill for anything. He survived combat. He’s got an Oscar on his mantle. He’s rubbed elbows with Presidents, dictators and supermodels.


So, when he showed up on stage at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show to discuss his passion for Blu-ray and other emerging technology, you know it’s a serious relationship.


The director of Platoon, JFK and two Wall Street movies joined Michael Mann and Baz Luhrman on Panasonic’s stage at the world’s largest tech trade show to talk up 20th Century Fox’s 75th Anniversary and share his vision for Blu-ray and how it revolutionizes how he makes and how we all watch movies.


CraveOnline rushed to keep up as Stone set politics and controversy aside to return to his roots and share his passion for movies.



CraveOnline: To a lot of movie lovers, Blu-ray is another opportunity to watch their favorite films in greater detail. What does it mean to someone who makes those movies?


Oliver Stone: Blu-ray let’s me see the movie in a new way. In fact, I’ve never seen these films as beautifully as I see them now. They’re clearer than my memories of making them.


Looking at the films now on Blu-ray, I see those colors I remember from the productions. I love color, as most filmmakers do. And I remember the greens in the trees and blues of the waters. You can see that so clearly on Blu-ray.


I would compare it to the having an original print of a film in your own home. To anyone who loved movies or was in film school in the 70s, it was the promised land to have an actual print of the movie because of its brightness and fidelity. Now, Blu-ray offers that to everyone. It’s as close to the truest experience of the movie’s reality as you’re going to get.


CraveOnline: Do you think that Blu-ray might help to save movies?


Oliver Stone: When I’m home, seeing my kids watching movies on a tiny computer screen, with the lights on, talking on the phone, doing a thousand things at once, it’s depressing. I’m hoping that Blu-ray and its colors, its detail, its beauty keeps people watching movies the way they should be seen.


CraveOnline: Your most recent film just came out on Blu-ray with Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps. What was it like returning to that world?


Oliver Stone: Going back to Wall Street was the best experience I’m ever going to have. If you’re going to make a sequel, I’m recommend you wait 20 years. The actors mature and the world develops. It was great.


CraveOnline: In addition to the high-def picture and surround sound, Blu-ray’s space allowance lets you pack more secondary materials, behind the scenes features and commentary onto the disc. Do you focus on that with your disc releases?


Oliver Stone: I’m very involved in the development, production and inclusions on my films. In fact, I would love to build and see come together a comprehensive library of all films on Blu-ray as the truest source of what films were intended to be.


CraveOnline: Do you enjoy doing commentary for your films?


Oliver Stone: That commentary is the last shot a filmmaker has to put a stamp on the film. And, it’s a direct line of communication from me to the viewers, so I take it very seriously. I enjoy doing it. You never know, some day an alien race might come along, see it and dig it. So, I put my heart in it. 


And, that’s the thing about interviewing a mind like Oliver Stone. When he uncorks a desire to do commentary for aliens one day, you end up unsure if he’s teasing you or not. Only the aliens know for sure.