THE RACE IS ON: Who Will Play Lois Lane?

Find out which of the industry's hottest young starlets are reading for one of the most coveted roles in Hollywood.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

THE RACE IS ON: Who Will Play Lois Lane?

Okay, so Henry Cavill is Superman. We’ve finally got that sorted out. Now it’s time to cast the second lead in Zack Snyder’s upcoming Superman: Man of Steel. Lois Lane needs to be more than just beautiful: she’s a smart, confident and daring counterpart to Clark Kent’s oppressive dorkiness, with a powerful enough personality to balance out Superman’s actual powers. Hollywood Insider is reporting that five actresses are reading or have been asked to read for the part, with another couple being mentioned as well. Let’s see what Snyder’s got for us, hmm?

Malin Ackerman (The Watchmen): She’s got an ‘in’ with Zack Snyder having starred as The Silk Spectre in one of his most prominent films, and she has the luxury of not bringing a lot of baggage to the role since it’s not like audiences are likely to recognize her from anywhere else. We like her, and Snyder could do a lot worse, but we’re not exactly sold. 

Dianna Agron (Glee): The Hollywood Insider reports that Agron’s got ‘a real go-getter of an agent.’ I guess she’d have to, since apart from Glee, in which she plays a pregnant/formerly pregnant cheerleader, she hasn’t exactly set Hollywood on fire. We think she has the chops, but thanks to Glee she skews pretty young for the role, something which didn’t exactly help Kate Bosworth in Superman Returns. Maybe if I Am Number Four is a hit later this month she’ll have a shot.

Jessica Biel (I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry): Biel’s got the charm, she’s got the looks (and how), but she’s never really proved herself as a leading lady. She’s reportedly one of the frontrunners for the role, and we’re kind of okay with that. She’s a big star who never quite mastered the ‘big’ part, and Lois Lane could be a great role for her.

Rachel McAdams (Sherlock Holmes): Rachel McAdams came close to a role in The Dark Knight Rises (and while we’re at it, Nolan’s new Catwoman Anne Hathaway was heavily favored for Lois Lane too…), so clearly someone at Warner Bros. likes her. She’s a smart, funny actress who could bring a lot of sass to the role. We’re completely on board with this.

Kristen Stewart (Twilight): Um… Wow, really? Okay, she’s the lead in one of the biggest franchises in Hollywood, but she’s not exactly Rosalind Russell. Maybe she’ll display more personality in her audition than she ever has on-screen. She’ll have to…

Hollywood Insider is also reporting a couple of names from less-reliable sources: names like ‘Winstead’ and ‘Bell.’ Scott Pilgrim vs. The World‘s Mary Elizabeth Winstead also skews a little young, but she’s got a great screen presence and we’d love to have her. It’s not clear though whether this ‘Bell’ person is Veronica Mars‘s Kristen Bell or No Strings Attached‘s Lake Bell, but you know what? They’re both excellent picks.

Chalk these up as ‘rumors’ for now, but if this really is Zack Snyder’s short list then CRAVE Online‘s behind him, like 80-85%. Really? Kristen Stewart?