Fresh Batman: Arkham City Shots Want You

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Erik Norrisby Erik Norris

Fresh Batman: Arkham City Shots Want You

Perfectly lining up with new comics on Wednesday, Rocksteady Studios has sent over a fresh batch of new Batman: Arkham City screenshots.

On the surface these screens might not look like much, but some of them contain some cool references to past Batman’s mythology, as well as some Arkham City storyline tip-offs.

For one, the shot of Batman and helicopter contains a billboard for ACE chemicals. ACE chemicals, for those who don’t know, was where the Red Hood took a chemical bath and was transformed into the Joker. Two, look in the far background of the Harlequin shot. Doesn’t that look like a wheelchair in front of the window? This wheelchair, maybe?

Finally, the poster of Two-Face once again hints that the character will play a large role in this sequel.

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