TNT’s ‘Dallas’ Reboot Signs Original Stars

Larry Hagman, Patrick Duffy and Linda Gray return to the iconic series that made them famous.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

TNT's 'Dallas' Reboot Signs Original Stars

The Ewings are coming back to Southfork.

Late last year, TNT announced its intention to revive "Dallas" as a new TV series under the guidance of Cynthia Cidre ("The Mambo Kings"). And now the project has taken significant steps forward with the return of several cast members from the original series.

Deadline is reporting that Larry Hagman has been signed to reprise his legendary role, JR Ewing, joining Patrick Duffy as Bobby Ewing and Linda Gray as Sue Ellen Ewing.

The original "Dallas" ran for fourteen seasons from 1978 to 1991, with an astounding 357 episodes. Two reunion TV movies continued the "Dallas" storylines in 1996 and 1998. For the majority of the series, the focus was on the rivalry between the two brothers, Bobby and J.R., as they fought for control over the Ewing family’s lucrative oil and cattle businesses.

Hagman’s J.R. was almost written out of the upcoming reboot when salary negotiations with the network failed to progress for months. However, a solution to the impasse was recently reached, allowing Hagman to return. 

The new series will follow J.R.’s son, John Ross — played by Josh Henderson (Desperate Housewives) — who continues the family rivalry with Bobby and Pam Ewing’s adopted son Christopher, who has not yet been cast.

Jordana Brewster ("The Fast and The Furious") was cast earlier this week as the female lead, Elena. Reportedly, Elena is the daughter of one of the Ewing family’s employees and she will find herself in a love triangle with John Ross and Christopher.

As for J.R. himself, his character is rumored to have been institutionalized since he was last seen in the ’90s. However, knowing J.R., it may simply have been a ruse on his part for some unknown purpose.

Michael M. Robin ("The Closer") is signed as an executive-producer for the potential series and will also direct the pilot. Given the high amount of money and promotion that Warner Brothers and TNT are spending on this, it seems highly likely that "Dallas" will get picked up as a full series later this year.