‘Zombies Ate My Neighbors’ Videogame Movie in Development

The cult videogame classic from LucasArts to be resurrected at a theater near you.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

'Zombies Ate My Neighbors' Videogame Movie in Development

Back before LucasArts was bound by law to make Star Wars games – and nothing but Star Wars games – there was a clever, funny game called Zombies At My Neighbors. Though never an enormous success the game still enjoys a cult following, but even so the news that Zombies At My Neighbors is being developed as a feature film is one hell of a surprise. First Showing reports that John Darko (director of the upcoming documentary Respect the Producer) has penned the screenplay, which is now out to financiers. 

The 1993 videogame release by Konami starred two teenagers, Zeke and Julie, who must defend their neighborhood from zombies, vampires, giant babies and more goofy ghoulies. The 3/4-view action game required players to not just kill all the monsters but actively save Zeke and Julie’s oblivious neighbors from the monster menace. Zombies At My Neighbors was a fun game, fairly critically-acclaimed (earning an overall 85.6% on GameRankings.com) and can be downloaded these days on the Nintendo Wii. Though relatively plotless, the potential for teenaged horror comedy inspires encouraging comparisons to Monster Squad and Shaun of the Dead

Zombies At My Neighbors was one of our favorite games for the Super NES. (Its weaker sequel, Ghoul Patrol, was not.) With a little luck it could be one of our favorite horror comedies as well. Look to CRAVE Online for more brain-devouringly cool movie news as it develops.