The Bottom of the Xbox Live Barrel

The worst to see life on Xbox Live.

Alex Keenby Alex Keen

The Bottom of the Xbox Live Barrel

Have you ever wondered which content on the Xbox Live Marketplace has sold the least? I sure have. I guess my curiosity stems from the same place that makes me want to see clowns get kicked in the nuts. You know, the kind of curiosity that has you checking out a car crash just to see what kind of mangled mess the cars are in.

Understandably, these content providers are not going to be forthcoming about their exact sales figures. Why make a big deal about the fact that no one wants to buy your stuff? It makes sense for these providers to move on with their business and focus on the positive, but for pure entertainment value let’s take a look at these crash-and-burns and make up some ridiculous conspiracy theories for their failure.

Planet 51 – 240 Points

Planet 51

Are you stunned that this blockbuster collection of 1s and 0s is at the bottom of the list? This is a fully functional $3 piece of memorabilia for the animated extravaganza that everyone loved. Who wouldn’t want a theme for a game that sold under 50,000 copies?

Enemy Territory: QUAKE™ Wars 1st Encounter behind the Scenes (HD) – Free

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars

This game because it wasn’t half bad. Based off of one of my favorite PC games, , this variation on Quake just never took off. When I picked it up at release I could only find one other person playing multiplayer online. That’s not a good place to start. Quake Wars sold better than Planet 51, but i guess that this video was released far too late after the retail release to actually get seen.


Mushihimesama Futari Black-Lavel – DLC – 1200 Points

Never heard of this game? Yeah, me either. It sold just about as well as Planet 51, which is kind of remarkable considering it’s not in English. Apparently, this is a region-free shoot ‘em up that was released only in Japan and foreign gamers are forced to import it. Needless to say, the $10 downloadable content isn’t high on the sales charts because a majority of the gamers can’t even get the game.

Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise Demo – Free*

Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise

Seeing Viva Pinataon this list saddens me quite a bit. The Viva Pinata series is one of my favorite on the Xbox, and it was unfortunately ignored by a lot of gamers. I think adult gamers overlooked it as kiddie fare when there was quite a bit of depth to be found. As far as I can tell, this demo was released well after the game came out and explains why it’s so low on this list. I’d go so far as to recommend this demo to you… Viva Pinata is a solid game and this demo should give you a good glimpse into what makes it so.


Disney Sing It: High School Musical 3 – $30*

Disney Sing It: High School Musical 3

Clocking in as the downloadable game with the least amount of sales, is, no surprise, Disney Sing It: High School Musical 3. With retails sales just a smidgen more than Planet 51, this place is no surprise. This music game has only 25 songs and no downloadable content. Unless you are a die hard HSM fan, there is no need to buy this overpriced game. It’s listed on Xbox Live at three times the price used at GameStop. And that, to me, is still overpriced by $9.99.

Thanks for taking this trip down through the dregs of the Xbox Marketplace. I’d love to do the same on the PS3 or on the Wii, but those two companies aren’t as forthcoming about their crappy games. Oh well, have fun not ever downloading this content!

* There are some newer games with lower download tallies, but I discounted any games younger than a year old.