Rumblebuds – Gaming Earbuds

We take a look at the buds made exclusively for gamers.

Nathan Jordanby Nathan Jordan

Rumblebuds - Gaming Earbuds

With all the portable game console options available, it was only inevitable that companies would start designing earbuds specifically for gamers. After all, while you’re on you PSP you want a complete gaming experience, and that includes massive audio.

Atomic 9’s gift to you, dear gamers, are the Rumble Buds. Plug these into your system, and you’ll swear you’re at home in front of your flatscreen.
The Rumble Buds feature something called the “rumble-ear.” It basically does what the name says by providing vibration feedback for that 3-D gaming experience. These are subwoofers for your ears, and that deep-bass vibration sounds awesome, especially in action-heavy games. The more explosions, the better.
The rumble buds work with just about everything, but are spefically designed for sytems like the Nintendo DS, XL, and the PSP. I plugged them into my iPad and Dungeoun Hunter sounded great. The rumble buds are also fine for music on your MP3 player, but keep in mind they are designed to be bass-heavy. Hip hop sounds great, but if you want to listen to polka, it might be best to look elsewhere.
If you want to check out the Rumble Buds you can go to the Atomic 9 website. You’ll also notice they are nice and affordable at under 50 bucks, well worth the price for enhancing the portable gaming experience.