V 2.05 ‘Concordia’

The Fifth Column attempts to assassinate Anna before someone else disrupts their plans.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

V 2.05 'Concordia'

Episode Title: "Concordia"

Writer: David Rambo

Director: Jesse Warn

Previously on "V":                                                                             

FBI Agent Erica Evans (Elizabeth Mitchell) finally came under suspicion by her superiors and her old friend/new partner Chris Bolling ( Jay Karnes), who I’m sure likes to be called Dutch. The particularly damning evidence against Erica is a photo of her with Father Jack (Joel Gretsch). who she claimed that she hadn’t seen in weeks. Meanwhile, Erica’s ineffectual Fifth Column finally caught up with Eli Cohn (Oded Fehr), who was actually gaining traction with his terrorist acts against the Visitors and collaborators alike.

Eventually, Eli and Erica came to an understanding, unaware that Ryan Nichols (Morris Chestnut) was now reporting back to Anna (Morena Baccarin) for the sake of his baby daughter, who was still in Anna’s custody. Anna also took the time to jaunt to Rome with everyone’s favorite TV man Chad Decker (Scott Wolf) in order to intimidate the Catholic church into ostracizing any priests who speak out against her people. And she did it without wearing any funny hats.


Anna unveils Concordia to Chad, her latest "gift" for mankind. She sells it to the public as a global urban renewal project that will construct large alien buildings in multiple cities. But it will actually serve as landing docks for the multiple motherships outside of Earth’s orbit. And all of this is in the service of bringing the Earth women to their ships for breeding. With us so far? I thought this was "Earth Girls Are Easy" for a second. At the FBI, Erica brings in her ex-husband Joe Evans (Nicholas Lea) and reveals to him the truth about what the Visitors did to their son Tyler (Logan Huffman) while she was pregnant with him. Holy shagnuts, I just realized that Joe is Krycek from "The X-files"! But clearly he’s under deep cover.

So, Krycek and Erica offer Tyler a few special gifts for his 18th birthday. A motorbike and his family back together. But Anna one ups them by offering Tyler the opportunity to become the first human pilot of a Visitor shuttle and the chance to live with them on the mothership. I notice that she didn’t mention payment, but Tyler doesn’t care. It’s always lizards over family with him. Elsewhere, Ryan sets up a meeting with Eli and presents a plan that could finally work. If they marshal their forces, they can take out Anna during a Concordia reception, making Lisa (Laura Vandervoort) the new queen and ending the war before it gets started. It’s actually kind of brilliant.

However, Erica and Father Jack flip out at the thought of anyone possibly dying in the attack, despite Kyle Hobbes’ (Charles Mesure) quick approval. Erica insists that their collaboration with Eli was a one time thing, but she changes her mind pretty fast when it’s clear that Anna is tightening her grip on Tyler. The new plan calls for Father Jack to lead a mock protest to weaken a security point, allowing Hobbes and Eli to sneak in and set up a sniper point. Everything goes according to plan until Ryan chickens out and warns Anna… about his plan… moments before she takes the stage. Anna almost goes up anyway, but her loyal right hand man, Marcus (Christopher Shyer) volunteers himself instead.

Erica tries to abort the mission when Marcus welcomes Tyler on stage. She then gets herself called up on stage with them, and she pulls Tyler into a hug. Once Hobbes has a clear shot, he takes out Marcus. The place erupts in chaos in the aftermath, with Tyler freaked out about the blood and Anna glaring daggers at Erica. Tyler ends up choosing to stay on Earth and catch up with Krycek and his mother. Anna is told that Marcus survived, but he also may not survive. Eh… She also berates Ryan for not warning her sooner about the plan and he caves even faster than the Catholic church did last week!

But back on Earth, Hobbes and Eli are very aware that Ryan was the only one who could have betrayed them. And Dutch realizes that Erica is probably the inside woman for the Fifth Column and ratchets up his investigation of her.


If you ever need an example of cowardly storytelling, you can always point to this episode of "V."

I never expected the plan to work in the first place, because this is Erica’s team and they rarely do anything right. And there’s no way that they would kill off Anna. The show’s producers simply aren’t bold enough to do that.

But what I find astonishing is the reluctance to kill off even Marcus!

Really, V? You can’t even let a glorified henchman die?

Because that would have at least made the turn of events palpable. It’s also amazing how squeamish that Father Jack and Erica were about bombing Anna’s party. Yes, people would have died, but the war would be over. And I can guarantee that a lot more people will die because Anna survived the best chance they’ve ever had to take her out.

I actually like that Dutch and the FBI immediately suspected Erica was behind the attempt. But given how this show operates, I’ll bet there’s some kind of unbelievable twist that absolves Erica of all blame and gets her back in good standing. And that’s a larger issue for this series. There are a lot of potential story arc triggers that could be pulled, but "V" seems content to stay in the status quo for as long as it can. There simply aren’t enough chances being taken with the narrative and the result is a largely boring story that may end before it ever goes anywhere.

I was about to mention that the Kyle Hobbes subplot from last season’s finale has been completely forgotten by the writers, but the clip for next week’s episode suggests that it will be back on again. It seems like the Visitors are holding someone he loves over his head, much like the storyline with Ryan. And Ryan’s eleventh hour decision to back out of his own plan was completely ludicrous. If Anna was dead, he probably would have had the full Visitor medical facilities at his disposal to cure whatever disease Anna gave his daughter. I know it’s supposed to be his father instinct overriding common sense, but he doesn’t even consider that Anna is lying to him about Bliss being the only thing that can help her.

At the very least, Eli is an interesting character and he’s someone who the show should have introduced a long time ago. But ultimately, this was an unsatisfactory episode and it leaves me with little faith that "V" will ever become the great series that I want it to be.

Crave Online Rating: 6 out of 10.