Ricky Gervais Endorses Will Arnett For ‘The Office’

The creator of 'The Office' says that he suggested the former 'Arrested Development' star to NBC.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Ricky Gervais Endorses Will Arnett For 'The Office'

If the Golden Globes taught us one thing, it’s that Ricky Gervais isn’t shy about sharing his opinions.

During a brief post on his blog, Gervais offered up his pick to join the cast later this season

"Had a little meeting with NBC about various things and recommended Will Arnett for a regular in "The Office," wrote Gervais. "I think he’s amazing."

Although Gervais didn’t specifically say that Arnett should replace the outgoing Steve Carell, Michael Scott’s impending departure means that his slot is the biggest void that needs to be filled on that show. And in that context, Arnett could get some serious consideration for the new boss.

Among comedy fans, Arnett is best known for playing George Oscar "G.O.B." Bluth II on the cult classic sitcom, "Arrested Development" on Fox. He’s also appeared in several feature films, including "Let’s Go to Prison," "The Brothers Solomon," "Blades of Glory," "Hot Rod" and "Semi-Pro." His most recent sitcom, "Running Wilde" was canceled by Fox late last year.

Will Ferrell has already signed on to appear on "The Office" for a four episode arc to bridge Carell’s final episodes with the introduction of the new boss. Ferrell himself has been rumored to be in contention for the starring role, but that was shot down recently by "Office" co-star Rainn Wilson. [http://insidetv.ew.com/2011/01/31/rainn-wilson-will-ferrell-the-office/]

Last month, "The Office" showrunner Paul Lieberstein and head writer Daniel Chun offered a few hints about the show’s search for a new boss, who may come from within the already existing characters.

"Now that [Kelly] has [had] executive training, she’s going to want that job," related Chun. "At least in her own mind, she deserves to be a manager."

"We are talking about guest stars [vying for the position]" added Lieberstein. He also indicated that Darryl (Craig Robinson), Dwight (Wilson) and Andy (Ed Helms) would be in the running for the top job as well.