Is This A UFO Flying Besides A Plane?

We're getting invaded. Probably.

Bryan Brunatiby Bryan Brunati

It seems everyday there is a new bit of video that shows something that may be a UFO, but the below footage sure is hard to explain as it really does look like a flying saucer.

An amateur filmmaker was able to shoot the footage as he was shooting a Virgin Atlantic plane takeoff from the JFK airport in New York. You can clearly see something shoot over the plane and then zoom out of sight.

Russ Kellett, a British UFO expert (how do you get a degree in that?) isn’t convinced that it’s something out of “Independence Day.”

“It seems to get narrower and wider as it’s moving, it’s hard to say. I always send footage to an expert to image enhancement as it looks good but unfortunately it could be anything. There should be nothing getting that close to an aircraft. It doesn’t look to be a bird or anything like that but at a different angle it could be anything.You can believe in UFOs and be logical about images as well.”

Whatever it is, I’m certain aliens are set to take over the earth any day now. I just hope Bill Pullman can deliver that inspiring speech again.

What do you think? Is that a UFO?

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