Epic Charlotte Burger King Brawl Features Chair Throwing And Pipes To The Face (NSFW Language)

This would never happen at a Wendy's.

Tommy Gimlerby Tommy Gimler

I’ve seen people lose their minds at Burger King because the Diet Dr. Pepper on the soda fountain tasted flat and the onion rings on the Rodeo Burger were “too moist.”

But neither of those were the reason behind a recent lunchtime brawl at the Burger King on Nations Road in Charlotte. The culprit this time around? One of the employees was humping some dude other than her husband.

The best part of the clip other than the reveal at the end that a woman working at Burger King is in high demand has to be the guy who is still trying to eat his value meal left on top of the trash can and telling everybody to “stop looking amazed” because “it’s going down.”

On a side note, maybe the reason why it takes the police so long to show up to these things is because instead of using our phones to “dial the coppers,” we’re all using them as cameras so we can get those three million hits on YouTube, baby.

h/t LiveLeak

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