Woman Finds Out Dude Cheated On Her And Destroys Everything He Owns (NSFW Language)

Welp, there goes his security deposit.

Tommy Gimlerby Tommy Gimler

So, did he cheat on her because she’s bat shit crazy?

According to KMEL, a woman who recently found out her boyfriend cheated on her decided to get back at him by destroying everything he owns. And by everything, I mean everything, from the poor guy’s once swanky couch and recliner set to his Dockers.

Hopefully, the landlord asked for a security deposit north of two grand.

There are many parts of this video that we’re sure the guy’s lawyer will have a field day with in court, but he’s probably not going to need much more than the part where she recorded herself creating a slick walking surface while saying, “I hope you fall and crack your fucking head open.”

And is that a baby stroller at the 18-second mark? Well, there’s one more kid who has absolutely no shot at becoming a senator.

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