Pyrotechnics Engineer Given Exploding Birthday Cake

What do you give a pyrotechnics engineer on his birthday?

cory-jonesby cory-jones

What do you get a pyrotechnics engineer on his 50th birthday? David Banks’ friends and family decided to get him an exploding cake. We’re not sure if this is really a good idea for something to do to a older guy, but it makes for a pretty solid prank video.

Banks, who works for Quantum Special Effects and has done the pyrotechnics for Katy Perry’s California Dreams World Tour, MTV’s European Music Awards and the Batman Live European Tour, was given the cake in his workshop, which has probably seen its fair share of explosions.

This video has gone viral after Banks’ son, Xavier, posted the video (which he shot) on Reddit.

Since the prank happened in his workshop, Banks was initially suspicious when the cake was wheeled out. According to his son, “He was kind of expecting something but then when he blew out the candles he let his guard down and it really surprised him.”

And the moment after he blew out the candles, he was covered in frosting while his colleagues stood around laughing.

“He was really shocked,” added his son.

We’re not sure how Banks will pay everyone back for this prank, but we’re pretty sure the last person you’d want plotting revenge against you is a man who knows his way around explosives. We’ll keep you posted if there’s any payback.

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