Spotify launches ‘A History of Music’ on Facebook Timeline

Browse through the entire history of music on the streaming service's clever new timeline.

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud


Following the launch of Facebook’s new Timeline feature to fan pages, Spotify has today launched its own Timeline – A History Of Music.

The Timeline dates back to 900AD and turns the Spotify Facebook fan page into a destination where fans can discover, share and listen to the history of music.

Music lovers will be able to learn when Frank Sinatra released his first album, what year Monteverdi was born, relive the vibrant 60s and 70s and remind themselves of a few musical moments that, frankly, some would rather see left in the past (do we really need to relive the birth of Britney Spears' career?)

Of course, all this is just the beginning.  Spotify will be adding more and more huge historical landmarks in the coming weeks as well as keeping fans up to date with the freshest and most important music moments of today.

Spotify will also be appealing to music lovers to get in touch and reveal their own seminal music moments from history to ensure the timeline is ever evolving.

Dave Altarescu, US Marketing Director for Spotify, commented: “It’s impossible to even begin to capture every important moment in music, but the new Facebook Timeline has enabled us to at least start out on this musical journey and discover some incredible facts we never knew. We hope music fans will dive in and enjoy these amazing milestones as well as contribute to keep our Spotify Timeline evolving.”

Check out the Spotify Facebook Timeline – a History of Music, and click here to listen to their special A History of Music playlist.