Brian May Wishes He Joined AC/DC

Queen guitarist says that he was "wrong size and shape" for the rock band.

Paul Tamburroby Paul Tamburro

Legendary guitarist Brian May has revealed in an interview with The Independent that if it were not for his engagements with Queen, he would have enjoyed playing for Australian rock band AC/DC.

"I'd have probably liked to be in AC/DC," he said. "But I'm the wrong sort of size and shape, unfortunately. Queen were very eclectic – that's the word isn't it? – and we just trampled over every boundary that there was. But AC/DC are in a sense the opposite.

"They know their style and it's incredibly pure and I have a great respect for that. And every single note they play is AC/DC completely."

May has recently been involved in two controversial collaborations that has seen many fans bringing in to question whether or not the guitarist should hang up his axe. The first came when American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert performed with the band onstage at the MTV EMA's, a performance which caught the eye of Sonisphere organiser Stuart Galbraith, who has booked Lambert and Queen as one of the festival's organisers.

Lambert spoke out about the criticism he has received from fans regarding him taking over frontman duties with the band from Freddie Mercury, saying: "The way I look at it is I’m not trying to imitate or outdo him or compete in any way, that’s not even in my mind at all.

"I think it's really an honour to be asked to sing the music that he and the band wrote and get up there and put on a good show. If people are too busy trying to compare, they're not going to enjoy the music."

May also recently performed with ex-N-Dubz rapper Dappy on his track 'Rockstar'. If you wish to conclude your Monday evening by torturing your ears, the video is available below.


Photo: NME/PA