Kanye & Mos Def Drop Freestyles At Lupe Fiasco Club Show

Kanye & Mos crashed Lupe's club gig to air out some grievances over the weekend.

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud

Kanye & Mos Def Drop Freestyles At Lupe Fiasco Club Show

Two nights ago, The Robert Glasper Experiment performed at the intimate Blue Note Jazz Club in New York City with Lupe Fiasco, and two of Hip Hop’s biggest names took the stage in surprise appearances – with a controversial twist.  

Lupe Fiasco first hit the stage and performed “Kick Push,” giving new life to the track with a live backing band. Soon after, Kanye West and Mos Def came out for a little two-man cypher, with Kanye dropping a 5 minute freestyle, touching on the industry, touring (They gonna test urine/And than take all the sponsorship for all the tourin’/So where the Dark Fantasy tour at Ye?/ I dunno ask Hennessey, ask Coca-Cola/Sayin’ he ain’t clean enough”), the Grammy’s (“Cause you know the Dark Fantasy was the highest rated album in history/Get me?/So I just avoid it/Not to be exploited/Not to be recorded/Cause I can not afford it") and even the Illuminati rumors (“And all this Illuminati talk, like my first hit single wasn’t Jesus Walks”).


While the appearances were a surprise, this is actually not the first time Mos Def has rocked with The Robert Glasper Experiment; in 2008 Mos played alongside the band at Carnegie Hall.


“Kick Push”


Kanye & Mos Def Freestyle



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