Watch: Foo Fighters Debut New Video For ‘Rope’

Dave Grohl directed the video, which is a dose of early-90s rock nostalgia.

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud

Watch: Foo Fighters Debut New Video For 'Rope'


On Thursday night (March 9), the Foo Fighters premiered "Rope" on MTV, the second single for their upcoming album Wasting Light. Check it out below:

Grohl and Co. told fans what inspired the video’s lo-fi DIY approach (Grohl produced and directed the vid) during an interview premiering the clip, which just happened to stream live from the California backyard of contest winner/Foo fan Shivan.


"We like to keep things really simple," Grohl explained shortly after the video premiere. "The way we made this new record, we did it in my garage. We did it to tape. We didn’t use any computers. We just used our old tape machine. To me, that’s sort of the easiest way to do it. If you’re in an environment where you feel really comfortable and you use really simple equipment, then there’s not a lot that can go wrong, really. It just is what it is, you know?"


Following hot on the heels of Wasting Light’s April 12 release will be Medium Rare, a vinyl-only compendium of the Foo Fighters’ arsenal of classic cover tunes, released to commemorate this year’s annual Record Store Day (at participating stores only). 


Medium Rare includes the band’s versions of Paul McCartney & Wings’ "Band On The Run" recorded at Abbey Road, Pink Floyd’s "Have A Cigar," Gary Numan’s "Down In The Park" and Mose Allison’s (by way of The Who) Young Man Blues, as well as Husker Du’s "Never Talking To You Again," The Ramones’ "Danny Says" and Gerry Rafferty’s Baker Street.


Medium Rare marks the first and only time all these and more have been compiled in one place, along with previously unreleased versions of Thin Lizzy’s "Bad Reputation" and The Zombies’ "This Will Be Our Year".


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