Dr. Dre’s Detox Arriving on April 20?

Watch Dre give the word directly that we'll be blazing his new joint on 4/20.

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud

Dr. Dre's Detox Arriving on April 20?


Round and round we go, but at least the loops are getting tighter: Dr. Dre’s eternally-delayed Detox album has once again been pushed back, but there’s a silver lining. 


Though last reports had Dre’s third album finally arriving this February, on Monday night Producer Blaze tweeted a video message about the release dates of his new projects, with Saigon’s new record The Best Story Never Told arriving on 2/15. After dropping the news, Blaze turned the camera to reveal Dr. Dre lurking on the side, who proclaims, “Bam bam! 4/20, baby! I’m coming, 4/20!”


According to Dr. Dre, Detox will be his final album, an understandable choice given the man’s age and the rapidly evolving face of Hip-Hop game.


Though it’s quite the popular date among the more herbally inclined, April 20th actually falls on a Wednesday this year. New records usually premiere on Tuesdays, but Blaze’s commentary is pretty clear: “4/20 — you might even see a unicorn this year.”


Some discrepancy has already arisen with the date, however, as a rep for the rapper/producer told MTV News that the clip wasn’t referring to the album’s arrival. What he’s referring to is anyone’s guess, but it’s hard to imagine he meant anything else and this isn’t a "quick, get the cat back in the bag!" PR tactic. Wait and see, I suppose…


Hip Hop producer Nottz recently shared some info about his involvement on the upcoming Dr Dre "Detox" album as well, promising that the long-awaited release will indeed live up to the entire hype.


"We [got] the intro on Detox and a couple of other joints on there," Nottz revealed in a recent interview with Hip Hop Wired. " I really do think it is gonna come out this time. ‘m waiting for the joint to drop. Like come on man. You have been recording for years, let’s do this. He got records, he got records that will shut people down. Make you don’t even want to do records no more. Like, aw man, I’m doing this for no reason. It’s dudes like this that makes me want to just quit. But he got some records man, it’s crazy." 


Dre has also partnered up with the game Mafia Wars to promote the new album.