Steve Novak vs. Nate Robinson: The Stupidest Feud In The NBA

Two players, one incredibly dumb feud.

paul-ulaneby paul-ulane

The other day, the Chicago Bulls beat the New York Knicks for the third time this season. During the game, Bulls back-up guard Nate Robinson made a couple of three-pointers and sarcastically celebrated by doing the Discount Double Check celebration that Knicks’ back-up forward Steve Novak likes to do when he hits a triple. This irked Novak, prompting him to mock Robinson in the below clip.

Novak refers to Robinson as a “little kid” and says he can’t wait for “when little Nathan grows up.” Pretty good dig, Mr. Novak. I guess. Then again, you had just lost your third consecutive game to the Bulls that night and you are also a 6’10” forward who averages .5 rebounds per game. (The 5’9″ Robinson averages 2.1 RPG.)

So anyways, last night, after the Bulls beat the Atlanta Hawks, Robinson was being interviewed on NBA TV and finished his interview by shouting out his “favorite player in the whole wide world, Steve Novak.” See below.

So just to wrap this all up: career back-up Steve Novak is mad that career back-up Nate Robinson is doing his celebration, which is a celebration Novak himself stole from an Aaron Rodgers commercial. You can have your Kevin Durant vs. LeBron James dream match-up, this is the rivalry that I’m following for the rest of the season.