How Long Will a Live Chat Operator Put Up with a Customer: An Experiment

Comedian Rob Fee finds out just how long an online live help associate will continue to answer his stupid questions

Rob Feeby Rob Fee

The other day I was doing what most people do on the Internet at midnight – looking for pants on Nordstrom’s website. I noticed an option in the corner for live help. Maybe I’m a little too ADHD, but the thought of having to sit in front of a computer all day assisting the elderly in how to navigate a website and buy socks sounds like a complete nightmare. So, I decided I’d make their night a little more fun. (I actually enjoy this sort of thing. You may have seen the OKCupid article I did a few weeks ago.) I’ve heard that they aren’t allowed to close out the chat with you until all of your questions have been answered. I started out with a question that was simple enough: What if I want to buy two different sizes of shoes? Here’s how the conversation went from there:

Rob Fee, Nordstrom Prank