Liam Neeson Drops S-Bomb, Football Ignorance on Sportscenter

Liam Neeson swears on Sportscenter.

cory-jonesby cory-jones

The next time ESPN asks a movie star to come on Sportscenter to talk about football as a subtle guise to promote a movie, they should maybe ask that movie star about a sport he or she actually understands.

Liam Neeson stopped by the Sportscenter set to ostensibly give us some insight into his favorite Jets team, while he just happens to be promoting Taken 2. Unfortunately, two problems came up:

1. Liam Neeson didn’t know they were live when he was asked the first question and proceeded to ask to start over. When he was told that they were live, he said “Are we live? Shit.”

2. Instead of giving some insight into his so-called favorite team (the Jets), he responds with “I’ll be very honest with you, it’s only the second football game I’ve ever been at in my life. I still don’t understand the rules. It was great to just celebrate the athleticism.”

Thanks, Liam. We still like you.