Man Gets Arm Stuck in Alligator’s Mouth

This is why you don't mess with gators.

paul-ulaneby paul-ulane

This is why not many kids say they want to be animal handlers when they grow up. A man performing at the Cuyahoga County Fair in Berea, Ohio, Thursday night had a terrifying encounter, and he was lucky to emerge with just stitches.

The man’s name is Daniel Beck, and he’s a trainer with Kachunga and the Alligator Show, so he’s had years of experience getting up close and personal with alligators. After performing the first stunt as usual, the second time Beck got near the fierce animal, he slipped and the alligator latched onto Beck’s arm with his jaw.

Beck was immediately whisked off stage once he got his arm out of the animal’s mouth. He was treated at nearby Southwest General Health Center, where he received several stitches but remains in good condition. The show has been cancelled for the rest of the Fair’s run.


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