Robbery Attempt Thwarted by Robber’s Mother

Mother's always right.

paul-ulaneby paul-ulane

There are many factors that can thwart a well-planned heist, but having your mother come in and ruin the whole thing at the last minute usually isn’t one of them. And yet that’s exactly what happened to this Brandon, Miss. man when he tried to rip off a gas station.

22-year-old Roy Mitchell pulled up to D’s 1 Stop convenience store on July 2 with big money on his mind. Security video shows his red Oldsmobile pulling into the parking lot and Mitchell making his way to the cash register. Mitchell throws a bag of Doritos on the counter before pulling out two dollar bills. It’s what he pulled out next that caused all the trouble.

As the security camera clearly shows, Mitchell reached into his waistband to pull out a gun. He started brandishing the weapon at the cashier and demanded money. Just as he seems to be getting his way, Mitchell’s mother walks in and immediately yanks the gun out of his hand, putting an end to the robbery attempt. On her way out, Mitchell’s mom explained the gun was a fake and begged the convenience store employee not to call the cops. (On a positive note, Mitchell did leave the store with his Doritos.)

Obviously, it’s kind of hard not to report an armed robbery attempt. Not long after the incident, the cops tracked down the Mitchell’s car. Inside, they found the gun, confirming it was a fake. Still, Mitchell was brought in on charges of attempted robbery. He’s already guilty of being a mama’s boy.

Via LiveLeak