The Mandatory Internet Hall of Fame: Inaugural Class, Part 1

The best of the Internet's best.

Gary Dudakby Gary Dudak

Not long ago, the Internet Society in Geneva, Switzerland announced its inaugural Hall of Fame list of “Pioneers, Innovators and Global Connectors.” Among the inductees were former Vice President Al Gore and Craigslist founder Craig Newmark. If you didn’t hear about this, you are not alone. That’s because a hall of fame for those behind the Internet is one big giant snore. What the people want is a hall of fame for the stars the Internet, and we’re here to make that happen. The 20 members of this list have been pioneers, innovators and global connectors in their own way, but mostly by being the butt of our jokes or the source of our laughter, from sea to shining sea. Congratulations to the first 20 inductees in the Mandatory Internet Hall of Fame.

No. 1 – Melissa Sander, the Grape-Stomping Lady
One of the earliest quirky live news reports to go wrong and go viral. Sander playfully started cheating in a grape-stomping contest, and then quickly paid the price.

Nos. 2 and 3 – Baby Charlie and His Brother
Although his brother provides the legendary words, “Charlie bit me!” in that adorable English accent, it’s baby Charlie’s powerful chompers that are the source of entertainment. Both youngsters get a spot on our list.

No. 4 – Tay Zonday
We still don’t understand “Chocolate Rain,” but Zonday’s original lyrics and unique voice resulted in the smash Internet hit of 2007 that we all know and either love or hate.

No. 5 – Dramatic Chipmunk
The fact that Dramatic Chipmunk isn’t even a chipmunk doesn’t matter. It’s just epic.

No. 6 – Jonathon Ware, the Zombie Kid Who Likes Turtles
If Jonathon were to give an acceptance speech for being inducted into the Internet Hall of Fame, we can only imagine what random three-word phrase it would consist of.

No. 7 – Caitlin Upton, Miss Teen USA South Carolina
We personally believe that this video only gets better with subtitles. And that goes for all U.S. Americans.

No. 8 – Antoine Dodson
Perhaps no person should thank his local news team more than Dodson, who rose to fame after this iconic interview.

No. 9 – Keyboard Cat
A meme that represents all the glory that comes from putting your pets on the Internet (RIP Fatso the cat).

No. 10 – Leeroy Jenkins
If you want to know how to become the coolest member of your group of “World of Warcraft” friends, just follow the lead of “Leeeerooooooooy Jeeeennnnkiiiiiiiins!”

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