Man Gets Stolen Bike Back with Help from Craigslist

You can find anything online these days.

paul-ulaneby paul-ulane

Chances are, if you ride a bike it’s been stolen from you. Lock or no lock, bike thieves will pounce on your wheels the second you walk away. Danny Lesh of Washington, D.C. was unfortunate enough to have his bike taken away when he lent it to a friend. But unlike most victims, Lesh got his bike back. And in a highly unlikely fashion.

According to WRC-TV, a couple days after his bike was stolen, Lesh found his bike for sale on Craigslist. The bike Lesh bought for $600 in 1998 was now going for $100, or best offer. Lesh contacted the seller and arranged a meet-up. When the seller showed up with his bike, Lesh asked for a test ride. He test rode his bike all the way home.

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The thief had the audacity to make repeated calls to Lesh threatening police intervention. Obviously, that wasn’t going to change anything. Lesh had a unique sticker on his ride that helped him identify the bike as his. To make sure other innocent bikers weren’t taken advantage of in the D.C. area, Lesh posted a warning on Craigslist to be on the lookout for stolen bikes for sale.

We wonder how awesome it must have felt for Lesh to pull a fast one on the scumbag who took his property. We also wonder how many cases of vigilante justice start with an unanswered Craigslist ad.

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