This Curvy Model Has Been Banned From Instagram Three Times For Shaking Her Butt

I'm all for confidence. I really am.

Bryan Brunatiby Bryan Brunati

All Taisha Marie wants to do is post various videos of herself shaking her butt and showcasing her many talents — like bopping her ass to the beat of a song. However, Instagram has continually crushed her dreams as they have banned her multiple times.

Taisha, who currently has over 2 and a half million followers on Instagram, knows she is one hot gal, and so she has made it her mission to share her goods with the rest of the world. Instagram just isn’t having it. And yet, like a tenacious fighter, Taisha keeps getting right back up and showcasing her glorious gifts. Check out some of the best of Taisha before the man brings her down again.


A video posted by Taisha Marie (@taishasworld) on

Good morning

A video posted by Taisha Marie (@taishasworld) on

Let’s all give it up for Taisha, who won’t stop fighting for her right to spread joy.

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