T.G.I.M.! #148

Previewing this week's TV sports lineup

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

For all you college sports fans out there, it's that time of year again. The NIT Tourney and the big poppa–the NCAA Tourney–kick off this week, bringing this college Basketball year to a close in epic fashion. Sprinkled all around these two mammoth tourneys is the NBA, with their upcoming trade deadline. And some NASCAR and golf will be highlighted this week as well. All in all, it's another great week to be a sports fan!



(NBA) New York at Chicago 8 pm ESPN

(NBA) Boston at LA Clippers 10:30 ESPN



(NCAABB-NIT) No 5 Massachusetts at No 4 Mississippi St 7 pm ESPN2

(NBA) Miami at Orlando 7 pm NBATV

(NCAABB-NIT) No 2 Dayton at No 7 Iowa 7:30 pm ESPN

(NCAABB-NIT) No 5 Akron at No 4 Northwestern 9 pm ESPN2

(NCAABB-NIT) No 6 LSU at No 3 Oregon 9:30 pm ESPN

(NCAABB-NIT) No 6 Cleveland St at No 3 Stanford 11 pm ESPN2



(NCAABB-NIT) No 6 Minnesota at No 3 La Salle 7 pm ESPN2

(NBA) Philadelphia at Indiana 7 pm ESPN

(NCAABB-NIT) No 8 Bucknell at No 1 Arizona 9 pm ESPN2

(NBA) Miami at Chicago 9:30 pm ESPN



(Golf) Transitions Championship March 15th-18th NBC/TGC

(NCAABB-NCAATourney) No 11 Colorado St vs No 6 Murray St 12:15 pm CBS

(NCAABB-NCAATourney) No 13 Davidson vs No 4 Louisville 1:40 pm TBS

(NCAABB-NCAATourney) No 13 Montana vs No 4 Wisconsin 2:10 pm TNT

(NCAABB-NCAATourney) TBA at No 3 Marquette 2:45 pm CBS

(NCAABB-NCAATourney) No 12 Long Beach St vs No 5 New Mexico 4:10 pm TBS

(NCAABB-NCAATourney) No 12 Harvard at No 5 Vanderbilt 4:40 pm TNT

(NCAABB-NCAATourney) TBA at No 1 Kentucky 6:50 pm TBS

(NCAABB-NCAATourney) No 12 Virginia Commonwealth vs No 5 Wichita St 7:15 pm CBS

(NCAABB-NCAATourney) No 10 West Virginia vs No 7 Gonzaga 7:20 pm TNT

(NBA) Minnesota at Utah 9 pm NBATV

(NCAABB-NCAATourney) No 9 Connecticut vs No 8 Iowa State 9:20 pm TBS

(NCAABB-NCAATourney) No 13 New Mexico St vs No 4 Indiana 9:45 pm CBS

(NCAABB-NCAATourney) No 15 Loyola (MD) vs No 2 Ohio St 9:50 pm TNT



(NCAABB-NCAATourney) No 11 Texas vs No 6 Cincinnati 12:15 pm CBS

(NCAABB-NCAATourney) No 9 Alabama vs No 8 Creighton 1:40 pm TBS

(NCAABB-NCAATourney) No 10 Virginia vs No 7 Florida 2:10 pm TNT

(NCAABB-NCAATourney) No 14 St. Bonaventure vs No 3 Florida State 2:45 pm CBS

(NCAABB-NCAATourney) TBA at No 1 North Carolina 4:10 pm TBS

(NCAABB-NCAATourney) No 15 Norfolk St vs No 2 Missouri 4:40 pm TNT

(NCAABB-NCAATourney) No 9 Saint Louis vs No 8 Memphis 6:50 pm TBS

(NBA) Miami at Philadelphia 7 pm ESPN

(NCAABB-NCAATourney) No 15 Leigh vs No 2 Duke 7:15 pm CBS

(NCAABB-NCAATourney) No 13 Ohio vs No 4 Michigan 7:20 pm TNT

(NCAABB-NCAATourney) No 16 LIU Brooklyn vs No 1 Michigan St 9:20 pm TBS

(NBA) San Antonio at Oklahoma City 9:30 pm ESPN

(NCAABB-NCAATourney) No 10 Xavier vs No 7 Notre Dame 9:45 pm CBS

(NCAABB-NCAATourney) TBA at No 5 Temple 9:50 pm TNT



(NASCAR) NASCAR Nationwide Series at Bristol 2 pm ESPN

(NBA) Dan Antonio at Dallas 9 pm NBATV



(NASCAR) NASCAR Sprint Cup Series at Bristol 1 pm FOX

(NBA) Orlando at Miami 7 pm ESPN

(NBA) Portland at Oklahoma City 9:30 pm ESPN