Modern Warfare 3: The (Almost) Definitive Guide

Infinity Ward comes back with the best of the old and everything new you could want in Modern Warfare 3.

Nash Herringtonby Nash Herrington

Perhaps the year’s most hotly anticipated title is just around the corner, as Modern Warfare 3 is set for release on November 8. The incredibly popular series faces its biggest competition this year, with EA’s Battlefield 3 gunning for the number one spot that Infinity Ward has held firmly within its sweaty grasp for the past 4 years.

Even though you’re more than likely going to rush off to your local GameStop and pick it up anyway, wouldn’t it be nice to have some info concerning what new features this third installment is bringing to the table? Allow me to answer that question for you with a run-down of what Activision hopes will keep its hottest property ahead of the ever-encroaching pack.


World War 3

A direct continuation from the story of Modern Warfare 2, Modern Warfare 3 will see players stuck in the middle of a fully-fledged world war with locations including Germany, France and England.

I visited London last weekend and was reminded of the fact that most people there would no sooner spit at you than look at you, so being able to take a virtual AK47 into a virtual Trafalgar Square in MW3 might just stop me from carrying out that armed rampage I’ve been planning ever since I left there. Being able to live out these sick fantasies in videogames has also made me finally stop murdering all those prostitutes. Thanks, GTA!


Spec Ops mode

With Treyarch’s Black Ops introducing many CoD players to the joy of zombies mode, Infinity Ward needed to up their game in order to compete. Thus Spec Ops mode receives a hefty improvement, retaining the same mission levels from Modern Warfare 2 but also including a Survival mode for each multiplayer map.

Featuring a plethora of upgrades, weapons and enemies, Spec Ops is sure to supplement the core multiplayer experience with intense co-op firefights.


Strike Packages

Rather than retain the killstreaks of old, Infinity Ward have reworked their system into ‘Strike Packages’, a neat way of making the system more balanced and more accommodating to those not entirely satisfied with Modern Warfare’s gung-ho lone ranger approach.

The Strike Packages are divided into three classes – Assault, Support and Specialist. Assault Strike Packages work much in the same way that they have done in MW’s past, with killstreaks still stacking and the rewards being geared towards offense.

On the other hand, Support doesn’t let kills stack and instead rewards players for defensive play and sticking to the objective. Interestingly, a player’s killstreak isn’t reset after he/she has died. The Specialist class is a mix-n-match combination of both classes.

The killstreak rewards are as follows:

Assault: UAV (3), Care Package (4), I.M.S, Predator Missile (5), Sentry Gun (5), Precision Airstrike (6), Attack Helicopter (7), Strafe Run (9), Little Bird Gunner (9), Reaper (9), Assault Drone (10), AC130 (12), Pave Low (12), Juggernaut (15), Osprey Gunner (17)

Support: UAV (4), Counter-UAV (5), Ballistic Vests (5), Airdrop Trap (5), Sam Turret (8), Recon Drone (10), Advanced UAV (12), Remote Turret (12), Stealth Bomber (14), EMP (18), Juggernaut Recon (18), Escort Airdrop (18)


No Commando, One Man Army and Last Stand perks

Did you become tired of shooting an enemy only for their would-be-corpse to pull out a pistol and unfairly cap you? Well so did many others, apparently, which led Infinity Ward to abandon the Last Stand perk in this latest iteration. Commando and One Man Army also didn’t make the cut.

Here’s the full list:

Tier 1

·       Recon

·       Sleight of Hand

·       Blind Eye

·       Extreme Condition

·       Scavenger

Tier 2

·       Quickdraw

·       Blast Shield

·       Hardline

·       Assassin

·       Overkill

Tier 3

·       Marksman

·       Stalker

·       Sitrep

·       Steady Aim

·       Dead Silence



Making its way into Spec Ops and killstreak rewards is the “Juggernaut”, a suit of armor that will allow the player to withstand huge amounts of punishments whilst downing enemies like The Incredible Hulk on ‘roids. Working similarly to L4D’s Tank, when obtained the Juggernaut armor will make mince meat out of the opposition’s team with its heavy-duty weaponry and almost bullet-proof coat. It instantly sounds more fun than anything Black Ops brought to the table.