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New Movie Channels Hitting Canadian TVs?

Four specialty channels may give Netflix a run for its money.

Jennifer Coxby Jennifer Cox

Four new movie specialty channels called Hollywood Suite could be hitting Canadian TV airwaves and will run 24/7 uninterrupted except for commercials between flicks – one channel will broadcast Warner Films films, another will have older movies from the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer library, and the final two channels will play action and romance/relationship films from different movie studios.

"We have the advantage of being able to pick the titles we want from the world's best catalogues," said co-founder Jay Switzer to The Canadian Press. Switzer was the former chief executive officer of CHUM Ltd. and started Hollywood Suite just two years ago where he now acts as the chairman of the company. "There are others in the marketplace that do output deals with single studios and they have to take the good and the bad. We're able to hand-pick title by title." He said that they've already bought movies like "Blade Runner," "Casablanca," and "A Clockwork Orange," three titles that are not currently being offered by Netflix. They plan on airing up to 450 titles a month.

“That’s more than can be said for Netflix. The emperor doesn’t have a lot of clothes once you start going through the selection,” David Kines, Hollywood Suite’s president and co-founder, said to the Globe and Mail.

The price of these new channels has not yet been determined. However, Hollywood Suite is promising that it will be less than Netflix, which is presently priced at $7.99 a month (and rumours have been swirling that the Netflix cost is going to increase).

"For those that don’t have the 20-some-odd dollars for pay TV, we’re going to be a great new destination for movies in Canada,” Switzer said in the same G&M interview.